Terms & Conditions | Tires & Batteries

Returns and Refund: 

  1. The customer shall be entitled to cancel the order, return the goods and receive a full refund provided that the goods have not been used in any way, have not been mounted on a rim in the case of tires or have not been driven on, with the packaging materials still intact (If Applicable) and are in the same good condition in which they were received from the installation branch, delivery or mobile service team.
  2. For an early cancellation, where the goods haven’t left the warehouse, there will be no deduction from the customer. Otherwise, the customer shall be responsible for the costs of returning the goods and shall indemnify Teyseer Motors Tires & Batteries Division for demand against all and any such costs. 
  3. However, Teyseer Motors Tires & Batteries Division retains the right to charge the customer for any direct costs associated with the return of the goods.
  4. In case of refunds, Reimbursement will be done through original mode of payment or cash. 


General Terms

  1. All our products come with a standard warranty terms against manufacturing defects from the date of Invoice.
  2. All warranty claims will be validated and processed only upon submission of the original invoice.
  3. In case of product failures due to non-manufacturing defects, the customer will be educated with the nature of the issue and if needed will also be handed a report explaining the cause and effect.

Warranty Terms for Tires: 

All our Tire brands are covered under warranty for a period of 12 months against manufacturing defects from the date of fitment compensated on prorate basis of the remaining tread depth.
Tire warranty does not cover the following damage or irregular wear due to
  1. Road hazards, including, without limitation: Puncture, cut, impact break, stone drill, bruise, bulge, snag, etc.
  2. Improper use or operation, including, without limitation: Improper inflation pressure, overloading, tire/wheel spinning, use of an improper wheel, tire chain damage, misuse, misapplication, negligence, tire alteration, or for racing or competition purposes.
  3. Insufficient or improper maintenance, including, without limitation: failure to rotate tires as recommended in this manual, wheel misalignment, worn suspension components, improper tire mounting or demounting, tire/wheel assembly imbalance, or other vehicle conditions, defects, or characteristics.
  4. Contamination or degradation by petroleum products or other chemicals, fire or other externally generated heat, or water or other material trapped inside the tire during mounting or inflation.
  5. Improper repair. Improper repair voids this Limited Warranty.

Warranty terms for batteries: 

All our battery brands are covered under replacement warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of invoice as indicated below.
• Hyundai Batteries - 12 Months 
• SF Sonic Batteries - 18 Months 
• NEWMAX Golf cart batteries - 6 Months
• MOTOBATT Motorcycle batteries - 3 Months

Battery warranty does not cover the following damage

  • Received in completely discharged state
  • Damaged batteries due to physical hampering or mishandling while usage.
  • Terminal damage due to lose connection or hammering.
  • Received in blast / broken state due to increase in pressure inside the batteries as a result of vent blockage due to improper cleaning.
  • Bulged batteries due to overcharging.
  • Usage of batteries for incorrect or non-recommended applications.