Profile-V Copy Black

Profile-V Copy Black

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The Arai Profile-V is Arai’s entry level helmet (pricewise) in the Arai helmet family, and we can see it has received a number of important updates when looking back at its predecessor – the Axcess 3. The Arai Profile-V has now been equipped with the new VAS-V MAX Vision visor. This visor can easily be removed and swapped now due to the advanced system, and it also creates a better connection with the helmet shell – giving the helmet a more streamlined look. Apart from this the cheek pads are removable, so you can install a communication system in this helmet.

No less than 11 ventilation points have been made in this helmet, so you can definitely ride during the hot summers. The helmet has 5 inlets and 6 outlets that you can operate to make the climate within your helmet to your liking.

The outer shell of an Arai helmet is designed in such a way that the helmet would come to a stop without any unnecessary resistance. All parts on the outside of the helmet have been attached with double sided tape, so if your helmet were to hit the ground at speed – all parts will break off. This minimises the chance of head and neck injuries.

- Handmade fibreglass outer shell
- This helmet has 11 ventilation points
- Equipped with the newest VAS-V MAX Vision visor
- Visor has brow-vents
- Visor lock
- Interior is removable and washable
- Penetration tested
- The cheek pads are removable
- Prepared for communication system
- Facial Contour System (FCS) provides you with the best fit around the cheeks
- Chin curtain included
- The helmet is easier to put on thanks to a 5mm wider opening
- Double- D chin strap
- ECE 22.05 approved
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